The first autonomous robotic shade

Solar powered

Solar panels provide continuous operation and store additional electric charge in reserve batteries.

Solar tracking

Autonomously tracks the sun, collecting optimum solar energy and shade.


Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, with a processor to connect you to the IoT and smart home ecosystem.

A new experience outdoors

A new experience outdoors

More than just a shade


Two integrated cameras to provide security and entertainment through video or still images.

Ai integration

Voice command features through Bluetooth. Microphone will be enabled only when prompted.

Speakers & mic

Integrated bluetooth speakers and microphone allow for AI communication and audio.


Additional electric charge is stored in reserve batteries. Sunflower batteries will last more than 72 hours without solar energy.

USB Port

A USB connection allows charging of mobile devices and other accessories.


A multitude of sensors provide real time data access for both security, health, and valuable information.

Product dimensions


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